Childcare and Preschool Space

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What is a Childcare/Preschool?

In Singapore, a childcare/preschool is space that has been built, renovated, and approved for conducting childhood facilities and programmes. These are typically commercial or residential properties that has undergone conversion for such usage, however there are now more industial space being converted to childcare facilities as well. Due to the busy schedule of modern families, childcare facilities are essential to Singapore’s economy by providing care services for the children of busy Moms and Dads.


Such spaces have undergone extensive renovation and subject to the authorities’ approvals before being allowed to commence operations. There are many levels of approval required and thus operators are expected to adhere to strict standards to ensure the safety and wellbeing of their enrollment and staff. 

Childcare Centre for Sale and Rent

At, we have many listings for childcare and pre-school for sale and rent across Singapore. For direct operators, we are able to source well located childcare and pre-school units that will fit your business requirements. Investors can also contact us for more insight on how you can benefit from investing in childcare and pre-school properties.

We also work with various consultants to provide the right support and financing for your business and investment. These are essential for obtaining business permits, approvals as well as right-sized mortgages and business loans.